The Benefits of Overhead Cannabis Drying Racks

Commercial growers know the importance of an effective drying process, but many rack systems create safety, efficiency, and security issues. As the market becomes more competitive, balancing a streamlined drying and curing process while maintaining a high-quality product is critical to the success of your business. In this article, we unpack the benefits of utilizing overhead cannabis drying racks.

Why Should You Use Overhead Cannabis Drying Racks?

Stainless steel dry racks, shelving systems, and hanging drying lines; there are lots of available options for drying cannabis plants. Still, these solutions come with their own challenges. Learn how overhead racks can improve your final product while increasing efficiency and improving work conditions for your employees.

1. More Controlled Environment

Using hanging racks allows your product to dry more evenly, creating more consistent production and control over quality. Drying buds is an art, and improper drying can ruin an entire crop. Large commercial amounts of cannabis and hemp drying require special attention to detail. Utilizing overhead drying nets allows for even spacing and airflow around your plants, even as your production increases.

2. Higher Quality Product

Not only do hanging dry racks allow for a more even drying process that maintains higher levels of cannabinoids and THC, but they also minimize the likelihood of other issues along the way. Shelves, screens, and drying lines can leave plants too close together. Without even airflow, humidity can build up, leading to mold and mildew growth.

3. Saves Floor Space for Cannabis Plants

On that note, drying rooms with floor racks can quickly become problematic as they limit the amount of space you have for your growing operations. Hang drying overhead keeps drying cannabis and hemp out of the way, while allowing for more efficient use of your existing space.

It would be remiss not to mention some of the challenges associated with traditional overhead drying racks. Growers have to account for the additional time required to work off the ground. Plus, there are safety and security concerns associated with employees working up on ladders. Lift and Grow’s overhead drying racks eliminate these issues, providing the following additional benefits.

4. Eliminate Safety Concerns

Lift and Grow’s overhead racks utilize the same technology as our grow light lifting machines. The ability to lower racks allows employees to work on the ground, reducing the risks of back injuries from reaching to hang plants as well as those associated with being on ladders.

5. Reduce Labor Costs

Additionally, traditional hanging racks require large teams to work in unison, passing plant materials between ground teams and ladder teams. Lift and Grow racks lower with the push of a button, allowing for an easier hanging process and decreasing labor expenses for cultivators.

6. Improve Security

Last but not least, our racks are lifted overhead, keeping your product out of reach throughout the drying process. As an extra precaution, our machines allow you to track who has moved a lift and by how much.

As a cannabis cultivator or hemp grower, you know how critical the drying phase is to your production process. Revolutionize your methods, improve ROI, and deliver a higher quality product with overhead drying racks. If you’re in the market for drying racks, consider reaching out to Lift and Grow. Our patent-pending systems can be designed to fit a variety of room designs and take advantage of your existing, underutilized overhead space. Get in touch today to request a quote.

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