How to Take the Headache Out of Cannabis Grow Light Maintenance

If you’re like other cannabis growers, you know all about the headaches associated with regular hood and grow light maintenance. From cleaning the light system to changing out dead bulbs, your employees likely groan at the very mention of the chore. And they’re not alone! You, too, probably dread the time and resources required to maintain your grow lights properly, not to mention the liability of having your valued employees high up on ladders all day. Fortunately, with Lift and Grow’s latest innovations, cannabis cultivators say “goodbye” to the headache of cannabis grow light maintenance and “hello” to significant savings.

The Impact of Light Lifters on Grow Light Maintenance

While many facilities are switching to plug-n-play or LED grow lights, others are still using high-pressure sodium (HPS) and high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. No matter what type of grow lights you’re using, ongoing lamp maintenance can be a significant time suck for employees, like cultivation technicians. For LED lighting, regular cleaning and an occasional repair may be required, whereas bulb replacements may be necessary for HPS and HID lights.

Many cannabis facilities across the United States and Canada turn to Lift and Grow to minimize the headache of lamp maintenance. With our automated grow light lifts, your employees can quickly lower rows of grow lights to ground level with the touch of a button. From there, your team can easily assess bulbs, measure light intensity, clean lamps, and make repairs as needed.

Below are just a few ways that commercial cannabis growers like you benefit from automated grow light lifts.

1. Save Time and Resources

Perhaps the most considerable benefit of installing automated lifts for your grow lights is the savings. Not only will you save on time and labor costs during the light maintenance process, but you’ll also save tremendously on energy costs. By controlling the height of every overhead light in your grow room down to the millimeter, you can more closely control the amount of light your plant canopy is exposed to and utilize lower wattage light fixtures, which use less energy.

2. Higher Yields

With the ability to maintain light hoods and lamps more easily, growers who utilize our automated lifts are more apt to regularly maintain their equipment, prolong its lifespan, and maximize its effectiveness. As a result of using equipment that’s in tip-top shape and having the ability to control light height down to the millimeter, most clients that use automated grow light lifts experience increased cannabis plant growth, more efficient harvests, and increased yields.

3. Decreased Liability

Because cultivation work tends to be physically demanding, cannabis and hemp companies incur some of the highest workers’ compensation insurance premiums in the agriculture industry. Having your grow room staff on ladders all day long to maintain grow light lamps certainly adds to the high level of risk and liability associated with their jobs. By installing Lift and Grow’s automated lifts, you can ditch the ladders and rest assured that your employees are safe at work at ground level. Ultimately, this will result in fewer workers’ comp claims.

True Story: Why Ascension Farms No Longer Dreads Light Maintenance

Recently, Jeff Winnard, co-owner of Ascension Farms, raved about his team’s experience with Lift and Grow’s light lifters. He said, “Lift n Grow has been a total game-changer for us at Ascension Farm. We have been able to eliminate using ladders in our drying room and what used to take us 8 hours to hang plants for harvest now takes 5 hours with one less employee. In our veg rooms, we have been able to finely adjust our PAR at the touch of a button. Our yields have gone up 25% since installing Lift n Grow. We also love the fact that assessing the bulbs and hoods for maintenance takes literally minutes instead of hours, and best of all, SAFE! Thanks to Lift n Grow, we no longer dread light maintenance.”

If you want to begin maintaining your grow lights and overhead systems more efficiently and in less time, contact Lift and Grow today to request a quote! Our high-quality lifts allow your team to control the height of up to 100 lights with the touch of a button. Imagine the time and resources saved by bringing all of those lights to ground level! You may also calculate the estimated return on investment for light lifters installed at your facility using our ROI Calculator.

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