Growers nationwide are raving about the benefits of light lifters. Don’t believe us?
Read what growers are saying about their Light Lift installations.

Journal of Professional Cannabis Growers and Retailers

This article was originally published on Lift and Grow on December 16, 2019.

The Lift and Grow system gives growers the ability to move lights, ventilation or other cultivation equipment with a single button, helping control energy consumption, improve yields and reduce labor costs.

The company offers two distinct products for cannabis growers, plus storage systems to maximize their use of space. The overhead machines can cover up to 3,000 feet of canopy with one machine, while the undercarriage machines are designed to work on multi-tier grows.

“We know that in the highly competitive cannabis cultivation market, those companies that have the most efficient operations will be the survivors,” CEO Chris Benyo said. “We believe our products are part of the formula for success.”
The patent-pending systems also deliver feedback on when, how much and by whom the lights were moved.

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