Flatbed Cannabis Drying Racks

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The Need for Better Commercial Cannabis Drying Racks

After surveying growers from across the country, Lift and Grow found that there was a lack of options for improving drying room operations. Hemp farmers and commercial cannabis growers alike were frustrated with the loss of space from stationary drying rack systems, as well as safety concerns of employees on ladders reaching to hang the cuttings. 

That’s why we worked in collaboration with growers to create two revolutionary products– the Overhead Cannabis Drying Net and the Automated Cannabis Drying Rack. Using the cutting-edge technology from our popular grow light lifting machines and security cages, Lift and Grow’s drying racks will revolutionize the way growers handle their plants during the critical drying process.

Learn more about pain points in the drying process and how our best cannabis drying racks to date can help you in this webinar recording.


Why Use Our Overhead Hemp Drying Racks?

The Overhead Flatbed Drying Rack is ideal for growers that are searching for ways to improve production and drying operations, while also maximizing their facility’s existing space. This cannabis drying rack can triple drying room capacity and achieve consistent spacing of cannabis plants to ensure there are much fewer problems throughout the curing process. Additionally, these overhead drying racks free up floor space and keep employees off of ladders thanks to our motorized lifts.

The overhead drying rack is 4’ by 8’ telescoping horizontal platforms powered by an efficient electric motor to raise and lower the racks. You can purchase 1 – 5 flatbed racks depending upon your ceiling height. This allows the racks to work in rooms with ceilings as low as 8’. Each platform holds 70 – 90 lbs. of wet cuttings.

In our whitepaper, Labor & Safety in the Workplace: Cultivation & Harvest, Matt Rhoades, a grower with 15 years experience, says that to dry a 40-acre field of hemp will cost a farmer $16,000 in labor, not counting the risks of being on ladders. Hemp farmers can expect an ROI from our drying rack machines in less than two harvests.

The Drying Racks come with a 90-day money back guarantee, along with a five year mechanical and one year electrical warranty. Order your adjustable hemp and cannabis dry racks today to begin consistently improving production and overall quality without needing more space.

See Our Drying Rack for Cannabis in Action

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