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Why Vertical Cannabis Growers Trust Lift and Grow

Lift and Grow services will ensure you reach your full production capability while improving safety in the workplace. We work with the cannabis industry’s leading companies to cultivate growth and create customized solutions. Our vertical cannabis growers have seen success rates after using several of our best-selling products, including:

  • Vertical Grow Systems: Every cannabis grower knows how frustrating it is to adjust grow lights under each shelving unit manually. With the push of a button, Lift and Grow’s vertical grow systems move air and light seamlessly for quicker and more consistent harvest rates. By installing a lift underneath each growing rack, you adjust the height of grow lights for easily controlled canopy growth.
  • Cannabis Storage and Security Solutions: In addition to helping vertical companies yield higher production rates, our lifts can store equipment, cannabis products, and plants overhead. After installing ceiling lifts in your facility, you can free up limited floor space, while safely storing and securing items overhead.
  • Cannabis Drying Racks: The drying phase is often considered the most critical step in cannabis production. Our cannabis drying racks offer you a consistent way to manage your production rates without sacrificing quality. By installing drying racks overhead, you instantly create more space while keeping your workers off hazardous ladders.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Lift and Grow can help your Cannabis Company maximize growth and production rates, contact us for a quote!

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