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Company Information

Lift and Grow offers indoor cannabis growers a safe, efficient, and effective method to move any type of grow light, ventilation, or heating system. Its patent-pending systems deliver feedback on when, how much, and by whom lights were moved. This solution provides deep insight into operations.

Lift and Grow is a division of Lift and Store. Lift and Store has moved heavy loads into unused spaces since 1992. It creates customized movable overhead lighting and storage solutions for all types of businesses. It has over 10,750 installations in every state and multiple countries.

The total cost of our machines represents a small fraction of building a cannabis facility. Request a quote or contact us today to talk to a sales representative.

Simply request a quote online or call us at 651-777-1554 to speak with a sales representative.

All of the machines for Lift and Grow and Lift and Store are patented or patent-pending.

Talk with your sales representative to find out more.

Our first formal installation came in Canada in 2018. However, we’ve learned that before legalization, cannabis growers were buying our machines out of shuttered retail stores and using them to move indoor grow lights! So we have been in this business for some time!

Product Information

  • Keeping the right light at the right place at all times on an indoor-grown product reduces energy use, heat load, and increases grow efficiency.
  • The system delivers clear ROI through increased production, energy reduction, labor reduction and heat load reduction.
  • Light moving ‘event logging’ helps you achieve faster and more consistent harvest rates along with the ability to fine-tune production to your strains and operation.
  • Improves efficiency of operations by virtually eliminating employee time needed for moving lights
  • Reduces chance of lost time and workers compensation claims from ladder-related injuries
  • Eases maintenance and cultivation tasks

Yes, our lift machines work for vertical cannabis grow rooms. Our engineers can add our lift functionality to vertical system, often with no loss of space.

We will work with any grow light, ventilation or heating systems. We already work with many of the leading brands for these services.

The successful integration of Lift and Grow machines with your ERP and grow management systems is the key to enhanced production.

Our Machines are “aware” of their height and location and can report on who moved them by how much and when. Our machines can move as little as one millimeter, as often as needed.

Our system offers open APIs. We also offer programming services to help build the integration bridge between our machines and your systems. Talk with your representative to find out more.

One of the many benefits of installing our machines is that employees will never need to use ladders again for grow operations tasks.

Yes, we work with all grow lights. Ask your grow light manufacturer about the benefits of having your grow lights at the perfect distance all of the time.

Yes, we can work with you to install our systems in greenhouse operations.

We can easily create the plans with you to install our machines in existing grow operations. We work our installation around your flowering schedule to minimize disruptions. Most rooms are installed in a little over a day.

There are many factors that go into calculating ROI. We do not make claims that are not corroborated. Areas to look at for calculating ROI include, increased growth rates, reduction in energy costs and reduced labor from moving lights, changing bulbs, etc.

Talk to your sales representative for more information.

Product Specifications

  • Each Move and Grow machine is equipped with four key safety features.
    • Momentary Switches: Operator must be engaged with machine to operate. Releasing switch positively locks machine in place.
    • Lifting Cables: Made of high strength aircraft grade steel, cables are rated to 2,000 pounds each. Melting point is over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Upper Limits switches: Double fail safe upper limit prevents the machine from overwinding and causing damage.
    • Payload Capacity: 800 pounds of active load per eight feet. Up to 72 feet per machine depending on load design.

Our machines can handle up to 800 pounds per eight foot section.

Our machines can be moved in increments as small as 1 millimeter.

There is no limit to the size or shape of a grow room. We can custom design our installations to meet any size room.

We work with the industry’s leading companies when it comes to other fundamental grow room equipment. We are happy to make offer grow room consultations, and make introductions to companies for your lighting, drainage, air movement, and general cultivation facility needs.

Our largest machine to date covers more than 2,500 square feet; however, larger isn’t always the most effective. Lift and Grow works with each customer to design custom machines to deliver the best results– at an affordable retail price.

Our system offers open APIs. We also offer programming services to help build the integration bridge between our machines and your systems. Talk with your representative to find out more.

Our overhead machines are rated at 100 pounds of payload per foot of machine. The heaviest installation we’ve seen has been 42 pounds per foot. We can hold as many lights as you need in virtually any configuration.

We have a 5-year mechanical and 1-year electrical component warranty. We expect and have experienced machines that exceed a 15-20 year life span.


We usually can fulfill and deliver an order in six weeks. Plan on 1.5 days of installation per grow room, depending on size.

We are happy to train your operations staff or contractors on how to install our machines or complete the installation for you.

Yes, we have installers that can work with you. We also have complete training manuals that are helpful if your contractors do the installation.

Your machine is a valuable asset that can’t be down. While our machines are designed to work in grueling environments for 20 years or more, there are still occasional issues that arise. At Lift & Grow we offer end-to-end maintenance agreements with key service level commitments at a reasonable annual rate. Talk with your sales representative to find out more.

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