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Why Commercial Cannabis Cultivators Love Lift and Grow

As the leader in overhead lifts for the cannabis industry, Lift and Grow is here to help your grow operation be the best it can be. Some of the products commercial cannabis businesses love most include:

  • Overhead grow light systems: By far our most popular product for commercial cannabis companies is the overhead lift. By installing our overhead lifts in your facility’s ceiling, you can easily adjust the height of 100 grow lights with the touch of a button. Cover up to 2,100 square feet of canopy with the help of just one lift!
Lift and Grow adjustable grow light lifts installed in Mother Room at commercial cannabis cultivation facility.
  • Vertical grow systems: If you’re a multi-tier cannabis grower, you understand how much time and energy is wasted manually adjusting the grow lights under each shelving unit. Improve grow room operations and production by installing our vertical grow systems. By installing a lift under each rack in your facility, you can adjust the height of grow lights over your cannabis plants with the touch of a button.
  • Commercial cannabis storage and security: In addition to helping commercial growers improve the production process, our lifts can also help to secure supplies, equipment, and plants. By installing overhead cages in your facility, you can take advantage of the underutilized storage space above your operation while ensuring security of your supplies.
  • Cannabis drying racks: One of the most critical stages in cannabis production is the drying process. By installing commercial overhead drying racks or drying nets in your facility, we can help you to maximize space while consistently spacing your plants and keeping employees off ladders to hang the cuttings.

To learn more about how Lift and Grow products can help your production facility and to request a custom quote, contact us today! Whether you own a recreational cannabis cultivation facility, commercial greenhouse, or medical marijuana grow room, Lift and Grow is here to help.

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