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Cannabis & Hemp Processing Software Integration

Lift and Grow is the leading supplier of lifts for grow lights, aeration, and drainage systems for the cannabis industry. With help from our lifts, commercial cultivators can easily adjust the height of up to 72 grow lights with the touch of a button.

To reap the full benefits of our lifts, it’s critical that you integrate your facility’s cannabis ERP and grow software with our machines. With successful integration, our machines become “aware” of their height and location in relation to your cannabis canopy, so that you can control movement of all systems in measurements as little as one millimeter.

How to Integrate Our Lifts with Your Automated Grow Room Software and ERP

The key to enhanced production in your cannabis cultivation facility is integrating your systems with Lift and Grow machines. Once our lifts are installed and we’ve attached your grow lights, aeration, and drainage systems to the lifts, equipment must be integrated so that you can manage all functions from a single system control.

Fortunately, we have two simple solutions to ensure a seamless integration. The first solution is having our team program the integration between our machines and your systems. This is by far the most popular option for cultivators. Alternatively, you can code your own integration internally using our open API.

Once integration is complete, you can enjoy real-time data and insights into your cannabis business by analyzing when, how much, by whom lifts were moved.

Ready to Automate Your Cannabis Cultivation Operations?

Any cannabis cultivator, from home growers to large-scale commercial cannabis producers, can benefit from automated systems. Not only do they streamline your operations by managing time-consuming tasks like regulating temperature, humidity, airflow, and more, but they can increase plant growth and crop yields while decreasing operating costs. To learn more about lift installation, software solutions, and lift maintenance, contact Lift and Grow. We proudly serve commercial cannabis growers, marijuana dispensaries, hemp farmers, and more!

Protecting Electrical ROI Through Precision Grow Light Spacing

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