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How Our Automated Cannabis Drying Equipment Can Improve Your Operations and Room Conditions

After years of serving the cannabis industry, our team began noticing a common pain point for commercial cannabis growers– the drying process. Not only was drying, hanging, and curing the cannabis plants costing businesses time and money, but it was also costing floor space due to the stationary nature of traditional drying racks. That’s why Lift and Grow set out on a mission to develop the best cannabis drying systems for commercial cannabis companies.

The Lift and Grow H2P Drying System was designed with feedback from growers across the United States. It has been carefully designed to add efficiency, safety, and profitability to any grow facility and any style of growing. By utilizing the full volume of the dry room the H2P system allows even underbuilt dry rooms to perform at peak capacity.

Our dry room system incorporates a low-touch method with easy-to-use technology and high process efficiency by seamlessly linking the point of harvest to the trimming area. We will save you space, reduce your labor costs and keep you organized. We do this by using machines and maximizing the cubic square footage available for drying. Here are some of the benefits and key aspects of our system:

  • We lift your plants and custom design your system in order to create the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for your space. This often results in drying the same amount of plants in a smaller space. Using the full height of your drying room optimizes the footprint needed for drying operations. It also ensures sufficient airflow.
  • One touch method increases plant quality and reduces labor costs significantly! Hang a plant once and don’t touch it again until it gets to the trim room.
  • Easy to take apart and sanitize in between harvests. Expandable and reconfigurable if you change grow style or change your process.
  • Safe, obstacle-free work space. The entire apparatus is overhead so it is easier and safer for employee workflow. The use of ladders and stools to hang plants is gone forever! And forget about taking a clothesline to the throat!
  • Easy to organize and monitor by harvest, row, and plant – you can even color code!
  • Custom-engineered and laid out mission specific to your space and needs.
  • Built and backed by a 30-year company whose client list includes Target, Walmart, and REI.

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