Adjustable Grow Light Installation

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About Our Professional Grow Room Installation Services

At Lift and Grow, our goal is to maximize your cannabis facility’s space, while saving you time, money, and stress. Installing our adjustable grow lights is just the beginning of your journey to savings.

With proper installation, our lifts can help you to move all of your grow lights and systems as little as one millimeter with the touch of a button. This technology helps growers like you to more effectively manage your lights, increase grow efficiency, and reduce energy and heat load.

We offer two convenient options for commercial cannabis companies to make installation as simple as possible.

How We Install Moveable Grow Light Lifts

After we’ve manufactured your custom lifts, our team will happily visit your facility to complete the installation and integration. Installation involves not only securely bolting the lifts to the ceiling, but also fixing your grow lights, aeration, and drainage systems to the lifts.

After installation, the lifts will need to be integrated with both your grow management systems and your cannabis ERP software. With our software integration services, our specialists can help you program the integration between our machines and your systems.

Alternatively, we are happy to train your operations team or a trusted contractor to install the machines.

At Lift and Grow, our job isn’t done until your adjustable grow light lift is installed! Contact us today or call us to learn more about installation.

Protecting Electrical ROI Through Precision Grow Light Spacing

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