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Commercial Cannabis Storage & Security Systems

How Does Lift and Grow’s Cannabis Storage System Work?

Is your commercial cannabis facility looking for a way to maximize space while keeping products safe? Look no further than our commercial cannabis storage and security systems! By installing our overhead lifts in your facility, we can maximize the space you already pay for by suspending up to 4,000 lbs. of product from the ceiling.

Lift and Grow’s cannabis storage system was made for cannabis growers, hemp farmers, and marijuana distributors alike. To begin, our team installs the overhead lifts into your ceilings. Existing shelving can remain in place, allowing you to double your storage capacity without a remodel!

Next, we attach a security cage to the lift. Depending on the motor of the lift installed, we can install cages as large as 13 feet by 6 feet. Motor capacity and security cage size will be discussed with a consultant pre-installation.

Finally, we integrate the motor of the overhead lift with a system that is accessible from the ground of your grow room or warehouse. With the push of a button, you and your employees can lift your products up to the ceiling, freeing up space and keeping products secure.

Storage Solutions Trusted by Thousands of Retailers Nationwide

In addition to serving the cannabis industry, Lift and Grow’s sister company, Lift and Store, has been providing storage solutions for retailers across the country for more than 25 years. With more than 10,500 installations to-date, you can rely on the durability and efficiency of our lift systems.

Overhead Storage Solution for Oregon Ducks Football Team

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Lift and Grow Safety Features

Each machine is equipped with six key safety features:

  • Electric Motor Brake
    • Positively locks load in place at any position.
    • Engages automatically when power is removed.
  • Momentary Switches
    • Operator must be engaged with machine to operate.
    • Releasing switch positively locks machine in place.
  • Free-fall Arrestor
    • In the unlikely case that motor and chain drive fail, arrestor positively stops load in inches
  • Lifting Cables
    • Made of high strength aircraft grade steel, cables are rated to 2,500 pounds each. Melting point is over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Safety Cables
    • ¼” aluminum cables are rated to 2,000 pounds each and back up lifting cables.
  • Upper Limits switches
    • Double fail safe upper limit prevents machine from overwinding and causing damage.
  • Payload Capacity
    • Positively locks load in place at any position.
    • Engages automatically when power is removed.

Why Do Advanced Safety Features Matter?

You want a lift machine system that is guaranteed to pass muster with regulators and last a long time. We have dealt with regulators in multiple countries for the past 27 years and our machines are built to last.

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