Adjustable Grow Light Maintenance

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Adjustable Grow Light Maintenance

Once you install Lift and Grow machines in your commercial cannabis facility, you’ll never want to operate another day without them! Our adjustable grow light systems not only help maximize the space in your grow room or warehouse, but they also keep employees off ladders, reduce energy use and heat output, and increase growth efficiency.

While our machines are designed to work in grueling environments for up to 20 years, occasional issues could arise. If your machine begins glitching, rely on us for adjustable grow light maintenance.

Moveable Grow Light Maintenance Plans

At Lift and Grow, we offer end-to-end maintenance agreements with key service-level commitments at a reasonable annual rate. Rest assured that if your lift is glitching and impacting production capabilities, our support team is just a call away!

In addition to post-installation maintenance, we also offer warranties on our machines. We have a 5-year mechanical and 1-year electrical component warranty; however, we expect and have experienced machines that exceed a 15-20 year life span.

Talk with your sales representative to learn more about adjustable grow light maintenance and warranty options. We look forward to helping you keep your facility, dispensary, or grow room’s machines running in optimal shape for years to come.

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