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Why Indoor Farming Businesses Love Lift and Grow

Lift and Grow has been serving indoor farmers across the United States for nearly two decades. We manufacture and install lifts that are proven to improve cultivation, keep farmers off ladders, and increase existing grow room space. A few of our products indoor farmers turn to most often include:

  • Adjustable Overhead Grow Lights: Our overhead lifts are a top-seller for indoor farmers. After installing our lifts in your facility’s ceiling overhead, you can easily adjust the height of 72+ grow lights with the touch of a button. A single lift alone covers up to 2,100 square feet of canopy. In addition to grow lights, we can also install aeration and heating systems to our lifts.
  • Lifts for Vertical Farmers: With the ability to grow year-round and easily control lighting, temperature, and water levels, vertical agriculture may be the way of the future! If you use a vertical farming system to grow indoors, consider Lift and Grow’s vertical grow system. By installing our lifts under each rack in your facility, you can easily adjust the height of grow lights, and heat and aeration systems with the touch of a button.
  • Indoor Storage and Security Solutions: In addition to helping indoor farmers improve the production process, our lifts can serve as storage for materials, equipment, and plants. By installing overhead cages in your facility, you can take advantage of the unused storage space above your head while safely securing your products.

Lift and Grow’s solutions are specifically designed for indoor growing professionals like yourself. Eager to learn more about our indoor growing techniques? Get in touch with an expert today or call us at 651-777-1554.

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