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Grow Consulting for Your Cannabis Business

Are you building a new commercial cannabis grow room or remodeling an existing grow room? Contact Lift and Grow for assistance from an experienced grow room consultant! We can help you to maximize your facility’s production and space, while improving employee safety.

About Our Grow Room Consultant Services

As the leading supplier of customized movable overhead lighting and storage solutions in the cannabis industry, we have years of experience helping commercial grow rooms throughout the United States. Our goal is to help commercial grow facilities to improve cannabis cultivation operations, efficiency, and employee safety. Let us put our years of experience to use for your company by working with one of our knowledgeable grow room consultants!

Some of the most common ways we help new commercial cannabis facilities and existing grow rooms include:

  • Selecting high quality cultivation equipment, including lighting, aeration, vertical racking, and drainage systems
  • Recommending equipment upgrades
  • Analyzing grow room design and build-outs to maximize space
  • Making introductions to industry-leading grow room equipment companies
  • Assessing cultivation operations and how to maximize production
  • Finding underutilized space in your grow room that can be used to your benefit
  • Recommending Lift and Grow products based on your facility’s needs and goals

Are you ready to begin improving your commercial grow room operations? Contact us today by calling our office at 651-777-1554 or submitting a request online.

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