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Storage & Security Solutions for Your Marijuana Dispensary

By using our overhead cages and lifting machines, you can finally create new space in your marijuana dispensary or warehouse. With the push of a button, our machines do the heavy work for you. They easily lift up your inventory to the ceiling or mount it to the wall overhead. Additionally, they function as an extra security blanket. Easily place your high-value inventory items into our security cages. Once secured and lifted above, they protect against employee theft and unwanted damage. You can choose between our overhead lift model or our wall-mounted lift. Both are secure, convenient, and easy to use.

For your heaviest inventory, we supply cages that lift up to 4000 lbs, span up to 13 feet by 6 feet, and provide top-notch security for your cannabis products. By bolting overhead lifts into your ceiling, your existing shelves stay put and storage nearly doubles within moments. Take advantage of additional benefits offered by overhead and wall-mounted lifts, including:

  • Safe, reliable and easy-to-use storage
  • Access to products with a push of a button
  • Faster inventory processing times
  • Built-in, inaccessible security features

Lift and Grow’s storage cages are strategically designed for marijuana distributors like you in mind. Ready to learn more about cannabis storage & security solutions? Get in touch with our sales representatives today or call us at 651-777-1554.

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