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Why Hemp Farmers Need Lift and Grow

Lift and Grow is here to help your hemp facility operate at its fullest capacity. As a hemp grower, you’re likely aware that the drying phase is the most critical stage in hemp production. As a result, Lift and Grow developed high-caliber equipment solutions that will change the way cannabis and hemp growers handle their product during this most crucial period. Some of the products hemp growers love most include:

Cannabis and Hemp Drying Racks: Our hemp drying racks offer you a consistent way to manage your production rates without sacrificing quality. By installing drying racks overhead, you instantly create more space while keeping your workers off hazardous ladders. Some additional benefits include:

  • Consistent spacing of plants
  • Lockable machines for added security
  • Reduced potential for crop loss
  • Reduced labor costs

Hemp Storage and Security Solutions: Besides helping hemp growers improve their drying processes and yield higher production rates, our lifts also store equipment, building materials, and hemp plants overhead. After installing overhead cages in your hemp facility, you can finally start using some of the untouched storage space above your head while securely storing your supplies.

To learn more about how Lift and Grow products can help your hemp farming business, contact us today for a custom quote! Whether you’re an industrial hemp grower, a hemp processor, or own a hemp farming facility, Lift and Grow is here to help. Give us a call at 651-777-1554.

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