Experienced growers all know you should move grow lights to achieve the best crops. It’s science. Come to this webinar
to learn about 5 new innovations that pave the way for making grow light lifting indispensable for any commercial grower.

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The growers in the cannabis business who will survive are those who are committed to efficient operations. To help you achieve optimum efficiency, we’ve developed a number of machines to automate cultivation systems. We believe that our cannabis lift machines will be part of every top-tier grower’s operation.

We have interviewed many clients to get their thoughts on savings from using our machines, and we have created an ROI Calculator to help growers like you come up with their own conclusions. You can download the PDFs of these growers, and fill in your own estimates.

Once you have completed this form, talk to one of our sales representatives to get an exact quote for your grow room(s) and complete the ROI calculator.

Download these two real-world examples to see the type of savings that can be achieved:

Undercarriage Machine Savings Overhead Machine Savings

    • Calculate Your Return on Investment

    • Increase in Yield

    • Many growers are seeing yield rate increases beginning at 3% to 5% Please enter a number from .001 to .999
      Please enter a number from 0.001 to 0.999.
    • Reduction in Lighting Energy Expense

    • Average is $150 nationally, $210 in California

    • Your reduction based on type of light

    • Labor Savings and Avoided Costs

    • Moving lights manually places workers in danger and can cause injury and/or employee turnover

    • Your Return on Investment

    • Work with your sales rep to determine this number

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