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How Our Automated Cannabis Drying Equipment Can Improve Your Operations and Room Conditions

After years of serving the cannabis industry, our team began noticing a common pain point for commercial cannabis growers– the drying process. Not only was drying, hanging, and curing the cannabis plants costing businesses time and money, but it was also costing floor space due to the stationary nature of traditional drying racks. That’s why Lift and Grow set out on a mission to develop the best cannabis drying racks for commercial cannabis companies.

By working with growers across the United States, we designed and manufactured a system that will revolutionize the drying process for your cannabis facility– the 3-in-1 Overhead Cannabis Drying Net and Hanger System. Using the same lift machines that automate our popular grow light solutions, we aim to simplify the drying process while helping to keep employees off ladders, maximize floor space, and improve efficiency.

Why Use Our Cannabis Drying Nets?

With our 3-in-1 Overhead Cannabis Drying Net System, you can lift wet cannabis cuttings overhead with the touch of a button. Not only does this lift system allow you to free up floor space and increase drying capacity, but it also keeps employees off ladders.

The 8-foot-long motorized lift comes out of the box with the three most popular drying rack configurations. It can be set up with a single bar and netting, two parallel bars with netting, or two “over/under” bars that can accommodate hundreds of hangers. Two additional bars can be purchased. The whole system can be raised or lowered as little as an inch at a time to aid in loading and unloading.

Once your lift is installed in your grow room or facility, the drying process is simple. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Lower your drying rack bar from its storage position in the ceiling to the floor
  2. Clip the new netting or bars to the post.
  3. Press the lift’s button to slowly begin raising the post and attached netting or bars with hangers to the ceiling.

As the lift begins slowly raising to the ceiling, employees can begin attaching plants to the net or hangers to the bars. Once fully extended, the cuttings will be securely stowed overhead for the remainder of the drying process.

The Drying Racks come with a 90-day money back guarantee, along with a five year mechanical and one year electrical warranty. Order a 3-in-1 Overhead Cannabis Net System today to begin freeing up space in your facility and reducing potential for crop loss!

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