Lift and Grow is a division of Lift and Store, a Proprietors Capital Partners company that has been in business since 1992.

We create customized movable overhead lighting and storage solutions for all types of businesses, including cannabis companies, retailers, warehouses, athletic departments, and more. We have successfully installed more than 10,750 lifts in every state of the U.S. and several foreign countries.

Our patent-pending systems can be configured for an infinite number of room designs– no matter the size or shape– and will help you take advantage of your underutilized overhead space.

Lift and Grow
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Brands That Love Our Lift Systems


Be an Integral Part of Every Viable Indoor Cannabis and Hemp Grower


Make a Complicated and Evolving Industry Better and Improve the Safety of Industry Cultivation Workers


We value being the best we can be

We believe we all have choices. We can choose to be above or below average, to be leaders or followers, and we have made our choice– to be the best.

We value paying attention to detail.

We believe our success will be based on doing the small things right. We choose to be a precise company and hold the expectation that all operations will be done with 100% accuracy.

We value integrity and service.

We believe that leadership is servanthood and that we should create win/win situations. Therefore, we have made a choice to have the highest ethics and to do everything we can to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We value economic growth.

We believe that success breeds success and that we should be fairly compensated for our time and talent. Furthermore, we understand that there is no choice– we either grow profitably, or we cease to exist.

We value making people succeed.

We believe in the importance of facing challenges, being decisive, and being flexible. We choose to assist and encourage each other and our customers.

We value innovation.

We believe most members of an organization should be encouraged to take risks. Therefore, we encourage creativity, independence, and autonomy and offer recognition for those traits.

We value training and education.

We believe knowledge is power. Therefore, we choose to properly train employees in the skills they need to be successful and encourage continuing education in all fields.

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