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Monster Gardens Partners with Lift and Grow

Monster Gardens, the Hydroponic Superstore located in Sonoma County, CA, and Lift and Grow, the maker of overhead grow light lifts and drying racks have completed a distribution agreement.

“Our customers have come to rely on us for our expertise,” said Heather Lott co-owner ” We’ve researched the top commercial products on the market, and stock with only the most successful. We believe the Lift and Grow products fill an important void in our product line and will be well accepted by our customers.”

Chris Benyo, CEO of Lift and Grow, said ” We are happy to be able to work with Monster Gardens. They are the prototype reseller we are looking for. We see this as another step in our acceptance as a market leader.”

Steven Silva, business development manager, chimed in “We understand the key integrated systems involved in the new horticultural era and how to best apply them. I’m already aware of growers that could use the grow light lift systems but I am most interested in the flatbed overhead drying racks for solving customers drying room space problems.”


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About Monster Garden

Monster Gardens has been in business for over 11 years. Monster Gardens is known as an industry pioneer, value-added equipment supplier and a cutting-edge product educator.  Monster Gardens carries a robust and relevant inventory of hydroponic supplies for today’s industry.  It is their mission to provide the highest level of technical support and customer service. To that end they have created Monster U and an extensive list of helpful videos on YouTube.


About Lift and Grow

Lift and Grow is a division of Lift and Store, a company that has been in business since 1982 and has completed over 10,750 installations of overhead lifting machines. Their commercial grow light lifts can carry over 100 lights each and move in increments as little as 1 mm. Their overhead drying racks can lift up to 350lbs. of wet cuttings and are perfect for commercial growers drying rooms.



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