Experienced growers all know you should move grow lights to achieve the best crops. It’s science. Come to this webinar
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Latest News Stories Featuring Lift and Grow

cannabis growing in hydroponic facility

Monster Gardens Partners with Lift and Grow

Monster Gardens, the Hydroponic Superstore, and Lift and Grow, the maker of overhead grow light lifts and drying racks, have completed a distribution agreement.

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flatbed overhead racks

New Revolutionary Overhead Drying Racks Come with 90-Day Guarantee

Lift and Grow’s new, revolutionary cannabis drying rack products come with a 90-day guarantee.

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marijuana plants under grow lights

US (MN): Light shines for Minnesota-based Lift and Store, thanks to cannabis business

Discover how light shines for our Minnesota-based cannabis business.

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Light shines for Lift and Store, thanks to cannabis business

This article, written by Neal St. Anthony, was originally published on September 7, 2020 in

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inside of a cannabis dispensary

Lift and Grow System is Lifting Profits for Cannabis Companies

By adopting the Lift and Grow system, James E. Wagner Cultivation, Ltd. (JWC) increased its operating efficiency while lowering expenses.

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close up of cannabis plants in lab

The Drying Room Dilemma

Although drying is a critical step in cannabis cultivation, the task, as well as the space necessary, is often underestimated. Discover how Lift and Grow is helping to solve the drying room dilemma.

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cannabis plants sitting under a light

Taming the Beast: Getting the Most from Your Electric Bill

Efficiency is everything and only those with that front of mind at all times will survive the cannabis industry in the long run.

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grow room employee examining cannabis

Existing Tech Provides New Solutions for Cannabis Cultivators

Lift and Grow aims to help cannabis companies with a portfolio of solutions designed to make a variety of everyday tasks more manageable, such as elevating the lights and increasing drying capacity.

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