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Lift and Store Announces New Division for Cannabis Light Lifting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 22, 2019  – Lift and Grow’s unique product helps raise the bar for indoor cannabis growers. Lift and Grow offers indoor and greenhouse growers a safe, efficient and effective method to move any type of grow light, ventilation or heating system. The patent-pending systems deliver feedback on when, how much, and by whom lights were moved. This solution provides deep insight into operations.

“Our Cannabis growing customers tell us that our intelligent machines make a real difference in their operation,” said Chris Benyo Lift and Store’s CEO. “Before Lift and Grow, there was no option to get lighting to the right place on the canopy in a consistent fashion.”

In addition to moving lights over large sections of canopy with a single button, the company’s machines help control energy consumption, improve grow rates and reduce labor cost and risk from having to move lights using ladders. Designed in conjunction with leading growers in the US and Canada, Lift and Grow offers three products for Cannabis growers.

They have Overhead Systems, Undercarriage Systems and Storage Solutions.

  • Overhead Machines can cover up to 3,000+ feet of canopy with one machine. These are perfect for single-tier growers looking to maximize productivity.
  • Undercarriage Machines are designed to work on Multi-Tier grows to move lights, air, and potentially other systems,
  • Finally, many growers have space constraints. We also provide solutions for wall and ceiling mounting, as well as security cages.

“We know that in the highly competitive Cannabis cultivation market those companies that have the most efficient operations will be the survivors. We believe our products are part of the formula for success,” says Chris Benyo.

For 27 years, Minnesota-based Lift and Store has moved heavy loads into unused spaces. The company creates customized movable overhead lighting and storage solutions for all types of businesses. With more than 10,250 installations in every state and multiple countries, the company’s patented and pending systems can be configured for an infinite number of room designs, no matter the size or shape, and will help you take advantage of your underutilized overhead space.

For more information contact George Johnson at 651-757-5610, email [email protected] or visit the Lift and Grow website at www.liftngrow.com

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