Why You Need to Rethink Your Cannabis Drying Room

If you own a commercial cannabis facility, you probably recognize the cannabis drying room is among your facility’s largest pain points. And you’re not alone! According to a recent survey conducted by Lift and Grow, growers rated their satisfaction with drying room operations an average of 3.18 out of 5. Not only do growers report that drying rooms are usually too small to effectively space bud, but they also note that controlling airflow, humidity levels, and employee safety in drying rooms can be extremely difficult.

How Our Groundbreaking Technology Solved the Cannabis Drying Room Dilemma

Serving some of the largest cannabis growers in the world over the last several years has given Lift and Grow immense insight into the cannabis cultivation process’s pain points. Time in time again, the chief complaint we hear from commercial cannabis growers is there’s no efficient, safe way to dry and cure cannabis. But where some see problems, we see solutions. The engineers at Lift and Grow got to work to solve the number one problem at cannabis facilities: cannabis drying rooms. As a result, we developed a groundbreaking system– the 3-in-1 drying system. Both drying room products use the same lift technology used to automate our popular grow light solutions.

It Maximizes Space in a Small Drying Room.

According to survey results, 65% of cultivators have a drying room that is 500 square feet or smaller. When you consider the several employees it takes to hang cuttings, plus the curing equipment, ladders, and cannabis, suddenly 500 square feet doesn’t seem like much room. To help growers maximize space in their cannabis drying rooms, we created two proprietary systems that lift up to 350 lbs. of wet cannabis buds overhead to maximize floor space. Cannabis can remain overhead for the drying process duration and lowered back down to floor level when completely dry and ready.

It Keeps Employees Safe at Ground Level.

Using our drying racks, your employees can remain at floor level. No ladders are needed! As our automated lift slowly raises the flatbed or drying net overhead, employees will simply hang cannabis plants on the machine, carefully spacing the plants from one another to prevent mold and mildew.

It Lifts 350 lbs of Wet Cannabis Clippings Overhead.

Another finding from our recent drying and curing survey was that more than 37% of growers are drying at least 150 lbs. of wet cannabis per harvest. Our engineers spent months developing industry-leading lift technology to ensure our machines could lift such heavy loads overhead. As a result, our cannabis drying lifts can carry up to 350 lbs. of wet cannabis plants overhead. That means you can attach an entire harvest to our lifts and take advantage of the remaining square footage throughout the drying and curing process.

It Can Be Safely Stored Overhead When Not in Use.

If your cannabis drying area acts as a multi-purpose room, you’re likely concerned with how you’re going to effectively store drying equipment while you’re using the space for other activities like harvesting. When our drying nets and drying racks aren’t in use, you can easily store them overhead with the press of a button.

To learn more about drying and curing cannabis using Lift and Grow’s revolutionary drying racks and nets, contact us today or shop online. Our high-quality lifts are being installed in grow rooms and cannabis facilities around the country. Order yours and start increasing drying capacity in your facility.

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