Tips for Achieving the Best Commercial Cannabis Storage Setup

You may not realize it, but your storage system can affect the quality of your cannabis. How is that? Well, when cured and stored correctly, cannabis and cannabis concentrates can have up to two years of stable shelf life. So, how can you set your marijuana storage room to preserve the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids successfully?

Find out what makes the perfect cannabis storage setup!

Ideal Environmental Variables for Storing Cannabis

A good rule of thumb for cannabis storage is to always keep your harvest in a dry, cool, and dark place. Let’s take a look at the specifics so you can keep the elements that affect your marijuana buds in check!


While ample lighting is helpful during other stages in the cannabis cultivation process, it can quickly degrade your flower after harvest. UV rays from the sun and grow lamps can harm the trichomes covering your cannabis buds. By exposing your stash to excessive UV light, you are effectively reducing the levels of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids that make your signature strains potent and unique. If you want to keep your cannabis fresh, remove your storage containers from any path of direct light. If you can’t store your harvest in a dark place, we recommend using opaque, odor-proof stash boxes to minimize light exposure.


Storing your stash in locations with high temperatures can cause the terpenes in your cannabis flowers to diminish as they slowly dry out. Too much moisture loss will alter the flavors you worked so hard to achieve and could result in an unpleasant consumption experience. Additionally, molds and mildews thrive in those same terpene-reducing temperatures. Ideally, you want to keep your cannabis storage room around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, being careful not to let it slip below 55.

Humidity Levels

Humidity control is just as crucial for cannabis storage as it is for cannabis growth. High humidity can cause mold and mildew to run rampant, while lower humidity can dry your buds out and negatively impact their flavor. We recommend aiming for a relative humidity between 58 and 62%, depending on your location’s climate. Step up your humidity control game by placing a two-way humidity pack right into your weed storage containers. Additionally, you can try using cannabis-specific storage bags with built-in climate control for a one-step climate control system. Humidity packs help you maintain the appropriate moisture levels to keep essential terpenes and cannabinoids intact until use.

Air Control

Prolonged exposure to oxygen can cause your cannabis to lose potency. Interaction with more air than necessary can trigger a chemical reaction in the cannabinoids that converts THC into CBD and alters the experience you intended consumers to have. When storing your cannabis buds, use airtight containers to avoid overexposing them to air.

How to Store Flower and Cannabis Products in a Commercial Facility

A lack of storage space is a common concern amongst growers and distributors. Thankfully, there are many solutions on the market that can maximize space at your cannabis facility. Consider investing in larger storage containers or automated storage systems to make storing your cannabis more efficient.

Benefits of An Overhead Cannabis Storage System

Backed by many key safety features, unique functionality, and a seamless motorized operation, overhead cannabis storage is the way of the future for commercial cannabis companies. Lift and Grow breaks down its popular long-term storage system.

Easy Integration with Existing Space

We understand that space is valuable for cannabis and hemp growers and distributors. So, we created a system that can be easily integrated within your space, not one that requires additional expansion. Our lift and security cage move products to your most underutilized space — your ceiling. Their overhead placement keeps your cannabis product away from damage and other liabilities found at the ground level. This placement can also extend its shelf life and protect your plant from high temperatures and moldy conditions.

Cage Lift Security Features

Its lifting cables are made from aircraft-grade steel, which can support up to two thousand pounds. Momentary switches require the operator to be engaged with the machine, or else it will lock in place. Its upper limit switches that prevent overwinding and high payload capacity are a few more advanced safety features that keep your plants and employees safe.

Ease of Use

You and other authorized employees can lift and bring down your cannabis flower to and from ground level through the push of a button. Your plant material will stay protected, and your staff will enjoy how easy it is to use the lift.

Fast System Installation

Time is money, so the Lift and Grow team works quickly to implement your cannabis storage system. You’ll enjoy little to no downtime. Plus, our team is there to assist you in all steps of the process, from consultation to post-installation maintenance.

As you can see, storage systems for businesses are a bit complex – unfortunately, commercial weed storage requires much more than just an airtight mason jar!

Instead, you need a storage solution that is robust, durable, and customized to your unique needs. You need an overhead Lift and Grow system! Contact our team to learn more about our storage options or to request an estimate for your growing facility!

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