Growers nationwide are raving about the benefits of light lifters. Don’t believe us?
Read what growers are saying about their Light Lift installations.

Cannabis Growers Share Their Experience with Light Lifters

Growers freely talk about what they love about Lift and Grow light lifters– they just don’t always want to share their names.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

See what some of our most recent customers have to say about the benefits of installing grow light lifters.

  • “Lift n Grow has been a total game changer for us at Ascension Farm. We have been able to eliminate using ladders in our drying room and what used to take us 8 hours to hang plants for harvest, now takes 5 hours with one less employee. In our veg rooms, we have been able to finely adjust our par at the touch of a button. Our yields have gone up 25% since installing lift n grow. We also love the fact that assessing the bulbs and hoods for maintenance takes literally minutes instead of hours, and best of all, SAFE! Thanks to Lift n Grow we no longer dread light maintenance.” – Jeff Winnard, Co-Owner
  • “Your product lowers my HVAC tonnage and my capital outlay on the light fixtures.  Not to mention lower watt light fixtures pay dividends on my monthly electric bill in perpetuity. No brainer to me.” – Recent Customer
  • “Once you get the hang of using the machine, you get better everything. We’re getting measurably more product that is more well developed.” – Canadian Grower in Witness Protection Program
  • “We received a 10% increase in yield once we started using light lifters.” – Kyle Vigeant, Grower
  • “The installation was simple and the quality of the lift was way beyond what I expected. Just wrapping up my first two harvests. The system has made my life way more efficient. Very pleased.” – Cole White, Owner
  • “Labor savings is amazing. Plus we’re having issues just getting good labor as well, so anything that simplifies the process pays back.” – Secretive Grower

Learn more about the many benefits of our automated light lifting products to determine if they might be a good fit for you and your cannabis facility.

Interested in hearing more from cannabis growers like you? Check out a recent interview about the importance of moving your grow lights with Chris Watt, the Cultivation Director from True Organics in Michigan, and Mike Miller, a cultivation expert from an unnamed facility in Canada.

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