Growers Explain Why They Move Their Grow Lights

We spoke with Chris Watt, the Cultivation Director from True Organics in Michigan. True Organics produces indoor craft flowers through traditional organic soil growing. We also spoke with Mike Miller in British Columbia, Canada. Mike chose to keep his company private but was very informative in our conversation.

What sort of lights do you use?

Chris Watt: We use Venntis Technology LEDs and hang them 12-18 inches above the canopy. Not only are these lights cost-effective with electrical usage and energy rebates, but they also produce high-quality flowers at a low canopy temperature. We feel they are way better than DE lights overall, they are the way to go.

Mike Miller: We are using Fhose LED lights. Our operation has only been using them for a few weeks, but so far we are happy with the results.

Do you raise and lower your lights?

CW: Yes, we move our lights. However, there are some challenges. According to Michigan fire code, commercial growers can’t use yo-yos, so we must work with metal hangers. To consistently move lights with these hangers is very time consuming, and also leads to increased contact with the canopy and potential microbial infections.

MM: Yes, we keep them 1.5 feet away from the canopy. If they are too far away from the canopy, they will stretch the plants. However, moving them can be a real issue.

On what information are you basing your decision to move your grow lights?

CW: A combination of personal experience and factory specs. Depending on the size of the garden, you should keep these LEDs anywhere from 12-18 inches above the canopy. However, if you don’t pay attention for a few days, you can do some serious damage.

MM: Experienced growers can tell when to move their lights by looking at their garden. In essence, the plants tell you when to move the lights.”

Have you witnessed the negative impacts of improper grow light spacing?

CW: Yes, I have in a few different ways. First of all, if the tops of cannabis plants grow too close to LED lights, the tops will get bleached out. Also, I have seen poor quality metal light hangers malfunction and cause lights to fall on plants.

MM: Yes. If lights are too close, they will start to burn and wilt a little bit. If they are too far away, plants will stretch to reach available light.”

Interested in hearing the opinions of more cannabis cultivators on the benefits of moving grow lights? View our recent blog to see what some of Lift and Grow’s clients said about the many benefits of installing light lifters.

The proceeding was excerpted from an article by Kent Gruetzmacher was originally published in May/June Maximum Yield Magazine.

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