Growers nationwide are raving about the benefits of light lifters. Don’t believe us?
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Garden Remedies Cannabis Increases Yield by 10%

Garden Remedies is Massachusetts’ only women-led, physician controlled Medical Cannabis company. They have been in business since 2012 and have an 86,000 square foot facility in Fitchburg.

Kyle Vigeant, Vice President of Cultivation, has long believed moving lights is an indispensable part of an indoor grow.. So much of a believer, in fact, that he and his team created an innovative system themselves, using the machines to increase yields as much as 10%.

But the machine wasn’t perfect. When Kyle and team met Lift and Grow, they realized 30 years of lifting experience mattered in terms of efficiency, safety and potential process control integration. Garden Remedies decided their expertise was in growing, and they let us design the light movers.

He first installed 19 machines in three rooms, then quickly added a second 19 and is considering his third order.

According to Kyle, “We had a 10% increase in yield across the board when we started lowering lights. It is a lot better to stay in the optimal PPFD for the room. Depending on the strain it is not always the same height per plant. So it is really nice having mobility like this.”

In terms of Return on Investment with Lift and Grow, even when replacing their existing system, Kyle says,  “It’s hard to say, but they are definitely paying for themselves very quickly, under a year they paid for themselves for sure. But it’s more than that, it’s the labor of cleaning lights and not having to climb up ladders … and  the safety too. We have had some issues with ours in the past. You get a little nervous when you have that much weight hanging from the ceiling. They are as safe as can be, your light lifts are fantastic.”

You can listen to his comments as part of a recent webinar; he starts at 6:30 on the video.

If you would like to see what moving grow lights can do for you, fill out our RFQ form. If you would like to calculate your savings, try our ROI/Savings Calculator.

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