Your Guide to Cannabis Drying Racks

In a nationwide survey by Lift and Grow, hemp farmers and commercial cannabis growers shared their interest in improving their drying room conditions. These respondents reported a loss of space from stationary dry-rack systems and a concern for their employees’ safety who have to use ladders to reach hanging cannabis. There are solutions available, including flatbed racks and drying nets and hangers, that can remedy these issues and make a major difference in your operations. Finding the right cannabis drying rack for your space is imperative.

This guide will answer your questions about industrial and commercial drying racks and show how they can minimize issues in your grow space.

Top 3 Industrial Drying Racks and Commercial Drying Racks

Learn about three common cannabis drying rack solutions — flatbed, hanging, and tray racks — below.

1. Flatbed Cannabis Drying Racks

Our first solution, the flatbed cannabis drying rack, folds into the ceiling when not in use, saving crucial floor space. It even works in rooms with ceilings as low as eight feet and adjusts to your average worker’s ideal height, making it easier to reach drying plant material. The adjustable height keeps employees off of ladders creating a safer work environment and reducing the potential for injury compared to traditional hang drying.

The consistent spacing of plants increases airflow between crops lowering the risk of mold or mildew growth. Hang drying harvested cannabis plants in the flatbed rack is a cost-effective drying method as it reduces the potential for crop loss and produces a quick return on investment in as little as two harvests.

2. 3-in-1 Overhead Cannabis Drying Nets and Hangers

Our second solution to help hemp farmers and cannabis growers is the 3-in-1 overheard cannabis drying rack net and hangers system. This drying rack is designed to hang from the ceiling of your dry room and lifts into the ceiling when not in use leaving valuable floor space clear to move through. It is perfect for small spaces as it can be tucked away, maximizing drying room capacity.

Much like the flatbed drying rack, this drying system is always at the perfect height for your employees, removing the need for a ladder and providing a safer work environment.

The hang-drying method helps create an even, slow dry to ensure quality buds, which ultimately streamlines the entire process. You can effortlessly replace netting in between every harvest, and it operates with one or two parallel bars or six “over/under” bars with hangers. Either way, consistent spacing is guaranteed, reducing problems with mildew, loss of terpenes, and potency during the curing process.

3. Tray Drying Racks

Tray racks are a good option if you have a large facility and lots of staffing to dry and cure cannabis plants. Tray racks have their benefits, like creating a separation between drying plants and containing the strong cannabis scent. Still, they don’t stand up to the hang-drying method in terms of safety, quantity, and quality of the harvest, or space optimization.

Tray drying is best used in tandem with hang drying and allows you to develop a custom drying method that best suits your product, facility, and production process.

We recommend using both flatbed cannabis racks and overhead cannabis drying nets or hangers to optimize your space and production growth. If you need help getting started, reach out to one of our cannabis grow and dry room consultants to form a plan to bring you the most yield out of your space. Request a quote for the best cannabis drying rack solutions available!

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