30 Years in the Making: Cannabis Grow Light Lifting Technology

Over the years, many Lift and Grow customers have been pleasantly surprised to find that we’ve been in business since 1992– a far cry from the ancillary cannabis services companies popping up in recent years. With a 30-year head start on competitors, we’ve been able to perfect our automated overhead lifts, fine-tune safety features, and maximize load capacity by installing over 10,750 lifts in every state of the U.S.

Dig deeper into the Lift and Grow story to find out how our grow light lifting technology came to be and how we continue to perfect our machines every day.

How Our Grow Light Lift Technology Came to Be

Originally designed and manufactured for major corporations like Target, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Walmart under the brand Lift and Store, our lifts store hundreds of pounds of merchandise overhead with two goals in mind:

1. Maximize showroom and storage space
2. Keep employees off dangerous ladders

As we began installing more and more lifts in stores nationwide, word spread about the ROI and time savings our lifts provide to retailers. Soon, we had requests from retailers through the U.S. and Canada to retrofit our lifts to accommodate a wide variety of merchandise ranging from bikes and kayaks to clothing and more.

In 2019, our CEO, Chris Benyo, saw another opportunity for our lifts within the cannabis industry. Working with the talented engineers at Lift and Grow’s Minnesota-based warehouse– known to many as the development dungeon– the team got to work developing a lift solution that would revolutionize the cannabis industry.

The Result of Our Innovations: Increased Yield and Control

Lift and Grow engineers took the technology and advanced safety features from our retail lifts and applied them to the cannabis industry. The result was adjustable overhead grow light lifters, otherwise known as motorized lifts, and they completely revolutionized how commercial growers run their operations. With cannabis grow light lifters installed, facilities could lift their grow lights overhead with the touch of a button and control height over the canopy down to the millimeter.

After introducing this new and exciting product to several cannabis facilities, we found that it took the manual work and safety hazards out of lifting grow lights and improved growers’ yields. And the best part? We could retrofit existing lighting systems to fit our lifts, so no new investment in grow light fixtures was needed!

If you’re looking for a way to improve grow room efficiency, closely control grow light movement, improve employee safety, and ultimately, increase yield, Lift and Grow is the cannabis cultivation partner for you. A single lift machine can support up to 600 lbs of lights and cover over 2,100 square feet of canopy.

This groundbreaking technology is tried and tested not only across retailers nationwide but also across a growing number of cannabis cultivation companies like JWC, Remo Brands, Executive Exotics, Ascension Farms, Growth Industries, and Garden Remedies, to name a few.

Learn more about our cannabis light lifters and overhead drying racks by reaching out to Lift and Grow at 651-777-1554 or submitting a request for a quote.

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