What is a Harvest Drying Rack?

As a cannabis grower or hemp farmer, you may be looking for ways to increase efficiency. One of the best ways to do so is to optimize your workspace, but that isn’t always an option since it is already occupied with so much equipment. If you find yourself running into this problem, then an overhead harvest drying rack may be a great way to condense space within your facility.

What an Overhead Harvest Drying Rack Can Do For Your Grow Facility

These harvest drying racks are gaining popularity and becoming the preferred solution for high-quality cannabis. They are often made from stainless steel and come with various shelves, which allow you to dry more plants at once and achieve consistent spacing as they can be moved in increments as small as one millimeter.

Lift and Grow’s commercial drying rack is a great solution if you are looking for a more sustainable and effective way to dry your cannabis. When paired with our overhead light lifting machine, our racks can be quickly moved off ground level to free up valuable floor space. Whether you want to scale your operations or simply need more room to move about, this newfound space will help set the stage for success within your business.

Our lifting technology can support up to 350 pounds and work in drying rooms with ceilings as low as eight feet. Not to mention, these lifts are motorized, which will keep employees off ladders and ensure that your facility runs as safely as possible.

Why Should I Use an Overhead Harvest Drying Rack?

Harvest drying racks can help you triple your drying room capacity while providing a consistent way to space your cannabis to ensure the highest grade quality. They will also help reduce labor costs and potential crop loss. Due to the adjustable height capabilities, Lift and Grow’s drying racks can be altered to create the ideal spacing for employees to work within. All-in-all, they will provide more room for your workers, leading to increased productivity and greater product development.

Not only will harvest drying racks improve productivity, but they will also revolutionize the future of your business. The added benefit of using a Lift and Grow drying rack is that they are made with food-grade grease on all components, so you can rest assured that your equipment is well made. The drying process plays a crucial role in the potency of cannabis, so your equipment must be of the highest quality to deliver a great product.

If you are looking for a drying rack solution for industrial and commercial use, check out Lift and Grows drying rack solutions to bring new life into your cannabis business. New customers can take advantage of our 90-day money-back guarantee, along with a five-year mechanical and one-year electrical warranty. Request a quote today to get started with Lift and Grow’s revolutionary drying racks.

To learn more about our commercial hemp and cannabis drying racks and how they will transform the way you handle your plant during the drying process, check out this webinar recording.

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