9 Tips to Boost Your Grow Room Energy Efficiency

As a cannabis grower, there’s a lot to pay attention to when it comes to maximizing your grow room’s efficiency. Everything from adjusting the amount of space between each plant to controlling airflow and humidity levels can positively or negatively affect your plant material’s quality and yield output. At Lift and Grow, we understand how tedious and time-consuming it is to maintain these efforts. With a grow light system in place, you can still improve your cannabis cultivation operation without having to spend money and time on additional labor. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages of using an overhead grow light system and how you can ultimately boost grow room efficiency with one in place.

Maximize Grow House Efficiency: 9 Benefits of Installing Adjustable Grow Lighting

Adjustable grow light systems play an integral role in maximizing grow house efficiency year-round. From cutting down on labor and energy costs to keeping your employees safe, here are nine added benefits of using one in your facility.

1. More Yield Deeper in the Plant

Achieving the right grow space distance between your cannabis and lighting is key to maximizing yield. The right positioning allows your plants to thrive and grow in both the vegetative and flowering stages, resulting in a higher yield output. You can modify your ventilation, lighting, and heating in increments as small as a single millimeter with an overhead grow light. These fine-tuned adjustments allow your plants to maintain the adequate lighting they need for increased yield and bud production.

2. Potential Increased Potency

If you’ve yet to figure out the right spacing between your light source and canopy, then you’re also missing out on the potential opportunity to boost your plant potency. Not only is the right positioning integral to maximizing yield, but it’s also essential for proper plant nutrition and health. A healthier, stronger plant often correlates to a higher THC percentage and cannabidiol (CBD) potency.

Lift and Grow’s overhead adjustable grow lights can help you achieve this! Our heavy-duty machines allow you to modify the height and positioning of up to 100 grow lights with the tap of a button. 

3. Decrease Harvest Cycle Time

Apart from the growing stages, commercial growers and cultivators exhaust much of their time and energy into the harvesting cycle. Cutting even just one day off your cycle harvest time can significantly impact your operating costs and energy use. Over the long run, this improves and streamlines operations, especially in larger cannabis grow room facilities.

4. Less Labor Moving Lights and Changing Bulbs

As your cannabis plants go through the photosynthesis process and become stronger, lighting frequently needs to be adjusted before they’re ready to move onto the harvest stages. Your employees might be spending a decent amount of time climbing ladders to modify light fixtures and change light bulbs. Unfortunately, tending to crops several feet up in the air is a disaster waiting to happen. Thankfully, there is a more viable and safer solution. Grow light systems keep your workers safe on the ground and in total control of your plant’s cultivation process.

5. Power Savings

The cannabis industry is under heavy scrutiny for excessive power consumption and energy use. You may be among the many commercial growers looking for energy-efficient solutions for your indoor grow room. Grow light systems allow you to place your light setup in the most optimal position, where they’re utilized the most. Over time, you’ll end up cutting down on your energy costs and ultimately save money.

6. Solve Lighting Issues Instantly

Cannabis plants thrive off light sources. However, too much light, particularly in the same position, can do more harm than good. Your plants may eventually become light-stressed and start to deteriorate. It’s important to keep grow lights moving at all times. Unfortunately, this becomes increasingly more difficult the larger your facility is. Plus, it requires a decent amount of manpower. A grow light lift can solve this issue without needing to hire additional crew members. Lighting issues are fixed within seconds with the click of a button.

7. Process Control Integration & Infinitely Variable Speed

With adjustable grow light installation, you can take your process controller’s important functionality one step further with cannabis growing software integration. Many of the grow light systems on today’s market can fully integrate with the controller of your choice. Machinery can communicate back and forth and provide you with valuable real-time feedback regarding your crops’ health and status. They can then utilize these updates and take instruction to raise, lower, or adjust your lighting throughout the day.

8. Keep Staff Off Ladders

As mentioned earlier, overhead grow light systems are a great alternative to traditional, manually-operated lights. By tending to your lights from the ground level, your staff will no longer need to worry about climbing dangerous ladders to reach light fixtures. Less time spent on ladders, in turn, will likely result in fewer ladder and climbing-related injuries.

9. Offset from Light Installation Cost

Regardless of how they’re installed, it’s generally expensive to hang light fixtures in your grow room. In new construction, there will be greater savings for you to install our light lifts with your lights attached than to install individual lights. With time, these savings can partially offset the initial costs spent on installing your light sources.

For more information about our adjustable overhead cannabis grow lights, get in touch with our team! For years, Lift and Grow has been helping commercial grow room owners achieve grow house efficiency. We’d be more than willing to improve upon your current grow room design or implement a newer setup. Contact us today to request a quote.

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