Unlocking the Power of Drying: Next Technological Advancement in the Harvesting Process

“Many of today’s cannabis harvest processes have been outdated for decades, which has led to serious industry difficulties including operational inefficiencies, degradation of flower quality, and high risk of employee injuries with ladder work.” Lift and Grow has developed a new advancement to help address process improvement measures for harvests. The fully integrated system was engineered to feature carts and hang bars that provide optimal protection and less handling of the plants for fresh flowers when transporting them from the grow room to the drying room.

cannabis on lift

“When designing the Harvest to Process technology, also known as H2P, Lift and Grow carefully considered every critical phase of harvesting and drying commercial cannabis crops,” said Todd Matthewson, a sales engineer and educator at Lift and Grow. “In doing so, we carefully devised tools and methods needed to harvest cannabis at scale without damaging flowers. This includes a fully integrated system that revolutionizes harvest time. The H2P drying system creates the best practices for handling flowers during harvest and drying by allowing cultivators to leave plants whole, proper positioning of flowers, improving moisture content, and easily organizing strains.”

specialist walking around cannabis drying racks

“Lift and Grow is a pioneer in developing technology to advance the harvesting process,” said Steve Waller, CEO of Lift and Grow. “There hasn’t been much research conducted in this area, and we are excited to be at the forefront of it. The technology utilizes the whole room for drying, which not only increases room efficiency but creates better airflow throughout the drying room and results in an outstanding return on investment.”

Lift and Grow’s drying technology has shown to:

  • Rectify operational inefficiencies by reducing the need for human labor during harvest by 50% and reducing cannabis harvest time by up to 40%
  • Help cultivators decrease product degradation and increase product value by over 10%

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As seen on MMJ Daily on Thursday, January 19, 2023

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