6 Must-Have Commercial Cannabis Growing Supplies for Your Business

The commercial cannabis industry is flourishing right now. If you’re considering getting into the business and investing in your own marijuana growing operation, your equipment matters. Selecting the right cannabis growing supplies can save you money and promote healthier plants in the long run.

Commercial Cannabis Growing Supplies: Your Guide to Get Started

Between grow lights options, hydroponic systems, various growing solutions, aeration, and more, it can be overwhelming to determine what equipment you need. To help you get started, we’ve outlined the must-have grow supplies for any indoor commercial cannabis operation.

  1. Grow Lights

    There are a variety of grow light options available. The best grow light for you comes down to your setup and what you can afford in electrical costs. While HID grow lights were the industry standard for years, alternative options are gaining attention. LED grow lights, for instance, now offer a more energy-efficient option but can come at a significantly higher setup cost. The performance of your grow lights impacts your bottom line, so be sure to do your research.

  2. Environmental Controls

    Airflow is essential for both your cannabis plants and the health and comfort of your employees. Investing in carbon filters will help control odor while promoting air extraction in your space. Don’t forget to account for humidity and temperature controls, as well. Failing to do so can lead to grow-ruining mold and other issues.

  3. Measuring Equipment

    It’s crucial to have accurate measurements of your total dissolved solids (TDS) and acidity to check the health of your cannabis plants. Invest in TDS and pH meters that don’t require frequent calibration and, consequently, slow down your workers.

  4. Safety Gear

    At a minimum, employees in the cannabis industry handling plants should be provided with gloves, eye protection, and have respirators available if you’re using pesticides. Depending on the worker’s roles and the chemicals used throughout the growing process, you may also need to supply shoe covers, aprons, hairnets, or other coveralls.

  5. Security Systems

    Cannabis is a cash crop, so you’ll want to address any security concerns in your grow room as well. Security cameras are a no-brainer, but take stock of how vulnerable plants and products are, too. One option is to store the product in a vault that’s bolted to the floor but, if you don’t want to take up valuable floor space, then an overhead security lift may be a better choice.

  6. Drying Racks

    Finally, determine how and where you’ll store plants during the drying phase. Drying and curing your plants is critical to the quality of your final product, and there are multiple options in configuring cannabis drying racks. As you start to shop, look for options that are quality-focused while keeping grow room safety, efficiency, and security in mind.

Starting your own cannabis cultivation operation requires many considerations, but Lift and Grow is here to help. Our grow room consultants have years of experience in the cannabis industry and can help you select the equipment that’s right for you. Reach out to Lift and Grow today to take your commercial operation to a new level.

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