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Simplifying the Inverse Square Law for Cannabis Cultivation

If you’re an indoor grower, you likely know of or believe in the Inverse Square Law for cannabis cultivation. When practiced at a small scale, managing distance between grow lights and your canopy is simple, but when you consider managing grow light height for a 2,000-square foot grow room, it becomes a little less practical. That is, until Lift and Grow developed an automated grow light lift for large-scale cannabis operations. Continue reading to discover how we’ve simplified practicing the Inverse Square Law for cannabis cultivators.

What is the Inverse Square Law and how does it apply to cannabis cultivation?

chart explaining inverse square law

The Inverse Square Law states that the intensity of a property decreases as distance increases. This Law is widely accepted amongst cannabis cultivators when considering the distance between grow lights and plants. Based on the Inverse Square Law, the farther your plants are from the light source; the less light they will receive. For instance, if you double the distance between your lights and the top of the plants, the plants will only get about a quarter of the light.

This concept poses a problem for many growers because it forces them to do one of two things:

  1. Increase power to the lights to get enough photons down to the plants. Unfortunately, increased power means increased energy costs. Plus, leaving lights fixed in one place overhead limits a growers’ control.
  2. Regularly move grow lights or trays based on the canopy’s height. Unfortunately, grow light moving is time-consuming and dangerous as it requires employees to be on ladders.

Neither of these options is ideal for a cultivator’s budget or yield. That’s why Lift and Grow created a one-of-a-kind adjustable grow light lift to solve this dilemma.

How Automated Grow Light Lifts Solve the Light Intensity Dilemma

Lift and Grow developed automated lifts that bolt to your ceiling and attach to your grow lights to keep employees off of ladders and manage the height of grow lights across your entire grow space. With the touch of a button, you can control your grow lights’ height down to the millimeter, enabling you to control the amount of light and intensity of light your cannabis plants receive. Machines can lift up to 600 lbs and can cover a whopping 2,100 square feet of grow area!

As a result of practicing the Inverse Square Law with our automated lifts, most indoor growers experience:

  • Improved light distribution,
  • Improved plant growth and yield, especially deeper in the plant,
  • More potent plants,
  • Energy savings,
  • Time savings,
  • Reduced accident expenses.

Are you ready to harness the power of our adjustable overhead grow lights? Contact the cannabis light lifting experts at Lift and Grow today! No matter what type of grow lights your facility uses– HPS, HIDs, Metal Halides, or LEDs – we can retrofit your existing equipment to fit our lifts in less than 20 hours. Our machines are even able to integrate into grow systems and ERP software. Submit a quote request or calculate your facility’s estimated ROI to get started.

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