A Guide to Vertical Cannabis Growing

Could vertical cannabis grow rooms be the new industry standard? Vertical farming has started to gain popularity in recent years, and while it is not quite the ubiquitous choice just yet, its potential is certainly recognized. These systems are helping cannabis growers increase their production while delivering more consistent harvest rates year-round. They’re efficient, easy-to-use, and highly customizable and should be considered a viable growing method.

How Does a Vertical Grow System Work?

There are many varieties available, but the most efficient vertical growing systems we’ve found are made from an undercarriage lift that mounts underneath each of your grow lights. From there, you can easily manage their height through the push of a button to the precise location they’re needed. (Lift and Grow’s patent-pending systems can be adjusted as little as a millimeter!) The same lifts can also be used with heat and aeration systems so that you can improve your airflow and light source with the same equipment.

4 Ways Vertical Farming Can Transform Your Commercial Cannabis Operations

Those with a vertical indoor grow space enjoy increased productivity, employee safety, and control of their cultivation facility.

1. Increase Your Yield
Working in an indoor confined space may feel limiting to your overall output. But, adjustable lighting systems help to increase your production by making use of otherwise unused space. Vertical racking is installed overhead, so you don’t have to give up valuable floor space.

2. Protect Your Employees
Many cannabis cultivators have to climb to adjust their light sources, proving to be dangerous and costly. Ladder-related injuries are one of the most common causes of fatal falls. Thankfully, vertical growing racks can be moved from a one-button control system at ground level.

3. Make Your Grow Facility More Efficient
We’ve mentioned how easy it is to use these lighting solutions, thanks to their one-button control. But, don’t be fooled – these systems are far more advanced and are incredibly vital to your operations. That’s because they are integrated with a grow software which allows you to get the exact precision and movement you need. Not to mention, once the installation is complete, you’ll get real-time data and insights into your grow operations as you’ll be able to see when, how much, and by whom lights were moved.

4. Bonus: Grow Lights Can Help You Be More Eco-Friendly
Vertical grow systems can be easily integrated with LED lighting sources, which are becoming the preferred choice over HPS and MH lights. In many ways, adjustable grow systems are more complementary to LED lights because traditional high-intensity discharge lights are so hot, they have to be held many feet away to avoid harming the cannabis plant. Since LED lights run at much lower temperatures, they can be installed inches away from the canopy, allowing for more room within a multi-tier system.

As vertical growing becomes more high-demand, you should consider integrating an adjustable Lift and Grow light system within your cannabis cultivation facility. Our systems can be retrofitted to make use of your current space, so you won’t have to worry about an expensive or time-consuming remodel. Plus, all of our machines are equipped with leading safety features, including momentary switches, upper limit switches, and lifting cables.

To learn more about the best vertical growing equipment, or to request a free estimate for your facility, get in touch with Lift and Grow today!

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