Innovations to Achieve the Perfect Cannabis Grow Setup

There are many advantages to growing cannabis indoors, but growers have to pay careful attention to setting up their space for their operations to succeed. Your light system is one of the most important elements of your grow room, making all the difference between high-quality plant material that people want to buy and shoddy material that will have a hard time selling. Lift and Grow recognizes the unique challenges of growing marijuana indoors and offers customizable machinery that is both heavy-duty and ergonomic to achieve the best crops. Learn about five innovations that will help you create a commercially viable cannabis grow light setup.

5 Innovations to Achieve the Ideal Light Setup

The key to growing the best cannabis plants is to have a movable lighting setup that controls the amount of light a plant receives. Your plants require different light cycles and wattages if they’re in the germination or seedling stage vs. in the flowering stage or vegetative stage. Our light lifting systems will make your commercial grow space more energy-efficient while reducing labor and accident expenses and increasing yield.

1. Mass Customization

No two grow operations are the same. So, when you order a lighting lift from us, we will craft the exact system you need based on your grow space and business processes. An example of this comes from a recent installation where we connected two types of lighting systems within the same machine. Rather than paying for two different light installations, our client received two rows on the same connection. Whether your lighting setup requires 56-foot single rows, 32-foot double rows, or even triple or quadruple rows, we’re able to tailor your system to benefit you most.

2. High Weight Capacity

The more lighting infrastructure you’re able to lift, the more areas in your grow room you can reach. Lift and Grow light lifts are equipped with heavy-duty motors and control bots to allow for a higher weight capacity than other lighting systems across the industry. This will help you manage your lights more effectively and provide optimal coverage for your marijuana plants.

3. Long Length

Lift and Grow lifts can be built as long as 150 feet, and as mentioned before, our lifts can hold multiple rows of grow lamps. This leverages the power of our machines to be used across greater areas. Ultimately, this brings down the cost of the most expensive parts of a movable light source – a motor and control bot – thus saving you money in the long run. You still get the mass coverage you need while spending less than you would on other lighting systems.

4. Multi-Row

Many indoor grow spaces benefit from a multi-row setup, allowing for the same strain to produce across different rows. We can integrate outriggers into your lighting system to move multiple rows at a time. The best part about this arrangement is that it comes in at a very incremental cost to the entire lighting system.

5. Expanded Value

The value you receive from Lift and Grow is significant because our lighting systems are built completely aligned with your grow tent or room in mind. By assessing your space and processes, we can construct the most cost-effective grow light setup. An example we provide is our ability to turn a room with six 40-inch rows into at least three different systems. If we can move two of each row together (creating three machines), we can cut your cost nearly in half. Or, even better, if we can move three rows together (creating two machines), your cost would be almost a quarter of what it would be if it were built out into six unique machines.

This is just one example of how we can make your dollar go a lot further in your lighting investments. Not only are our lifts budget-friendly, but they also have a long lifespan and can support all different types of grow lights. Whether you rely on HIDs, Metal Halides, HPS, or LED grow lights, Lift and Grow systems can be built to fit your commercial setup. Request a consultation to learn more about our custom cannabis light lifting systems for your large or small space.

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