How to Maximize Space in Your Cannabis Grow Room

Many cannabis grow rooms are limited in size, which requires cultivators to be creative in coming up with ways to free up space. Luckily, a few small adjustments can make a significant difference and allow your cannabis cultivation facility to produce more plants and increase yields. Cannabis is an eager plant; the proper nutrients and grow space can go a long way. Learn how to maximize space in grow room and improve the efficacy of your indoor environment!

4 Ways to Maximize Space in Grow Room

Limited floor space doesn’t have to result in lesser or lower quality production. Check out these four methods to set up your grow room in a way that won’t disrupt plant growth.

  1. Consider Your Grow Light Source

    Many grow facilities rely upon high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs hung at an elevated altitude, to keep buds and leaves from burning out. But, these high-wattage bulbs aren’t always feasible for smaller indoor cannabis operations. LED lights are making serious headway in the cannabis industry, and revolutionizing our ability to grow plants without potential harm. Plus, they’re much smaller and more compact than traditional lighting systems, which allows plants to grow closer to the light source.

  2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

    The great thing about cannabis plants is their ability to grow in different environments. If your small space is preventing you from growing horizontally, consider integrating some storage and lifting systems to grow vertically. Lifted grow lights, drying racks, and security cages are one of the most cost-effective and less-invasive methods for setting up a marijuana grow room. Adjustable overhead systems allow for reduced energy use, heat load, and improved efficiency. Increased production equates to higher ROI for your business.

  3. Use the SCROG Technique

    The Screen of Green (SCROG) technique is commonly used to maximize space in cannabis grow rooms, especially amongst Sativa plants. Growers place chicken wire or another type of nylon netting between the growing medium and the cannabis plant. As the plant grows, it can be attached to the screen, which prevents overcrowding. If you plan to integrate the SCROG method, you’ll want to ensure optimal air circulation within your facility. Certain strains can develop fungal diseases, such as mildews if exposed to too much humidity.

  4. Free Up Space with Hydroponics

    Hydroponics, or the process of growing cannabis without soil, can make all the difference in a cannabis grow room. Rather than containers hogging a substantial amount of space, hydro systems are rooted in nutrient-rich water. Additionally, this method helps plants grow faster, which further increases the yield of Sativa and Indica plants. However, Hydroponics can be expensive, as it does require more specialized equipment to ensure the plant gets enough light, nutrients, etc. This technique also requires you to be more diligent in your grow space.

When deciding how to set up a marijuana grow room, indoor growers must carefully consider their environment. One of the most effective ways to optimize your grow room is to take advantage of the vertical space your facility offers. Lift and Grow offers a wide selection of overhead systems to utilize any grow light, ventilation, heating, or drying rack system. Contact us to learn more about our patent-pending systems designed to enhance the productivity of your cannabis grow room.

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