Commercial Grow Room Design: How to Set Up Properly

When it comes to running a successful indoor grow facility, having a space that supports your workflow is critical. Today’s market is more competitive than ever, but there are ways that you can set up your facility to help meet your business goals. Below, we discuss some tips for functional commercial cannabis grow room design.

Tips for Creating Your Cultivation Facility Design

Facility design can make or break your grow operation’s business plan. Failure to plan properly can create expensive (sometimes insurmountable) challenges. While the specific needs of your cannabis business will impact your setup, the following aspects are important for any indoor grow operation.

Divided Floor Plan

Your commercial grow room design plan must account for your workflow throughout the space. You’ll most likely want a divided grow room setup. Not only does this allow for easier control of temperature and lighting for plants in different stages of growth, but it also allows you to quickly quarantine plants if you experience any pest or mold outbreaks, limiting any downtime associated.

Climate Control

For indoor growers, efficient HVAC systems and dehumidifiers are critical to the health of their cannabis plants. Consistent temperatures, air circulation, and proper moisture levels directly impact plant growth. For that reason, environmental controls need to be appropriately sized, maintain energy efficiency, have redundancies, and be both cleanable and repairable. Failure to do so can lead to inconsistencies, mold and rot, and crop loss.

Air Filtration

Continuously running HVAC systems circulates dust and other particles in the growing area. A proper filtration system helps with both particles and odor control. These systems improve air quality for your plants and limit odors from fertilizer, nutrients, and your plants themselves. Additionally, it means a more comfortable working environment for your employees.


Indoor commercial grow rooms are reliant on high-quality lighting. Whether you have HIDs, Medal Halides, HPS, or LED lights, there are several considerations to make. When installing grow lights, you’ll need to factor in controls for heat, intensity, and the distance between your lights and plants.

Lift and Grow’s light lifting technology will address all these factors and more within your cannabis grow facility. Our products are time-tested to deliver higher yield and potency while saving time and energy. This is why cannabis growers trust our adjustable overhead grow light lifts to return on their investment consistently.

Drying Racks

Last but not least, you’ll want to consider where and how you’ll manage the drying process. Choosing the right commercial drying rack impacts everything from your floor space and workflow to the safety of your employees. If space is tight or you want to scale your operation, you can triple your drying room capacity with an overhead drying rack.

Ready to Get Started on Your New Cannabis Facility Design?

Tailoring your grow room and having software to support your cannabis production goals down the line allows you to continue expanding your business for the years to come. If you’re looking to get more control over your indoor environment, increase the health and output of your plants, find new drying space in your facility, or make your lighting system more precise, consider reaching out to Lift and Grow.

Our professional team has 30 years of experience creating customized overhead lighting, drying, and storage solutions for indoor cannabis cultivation businesses like yours. Contact us today to request a quote and start taking your commercial grow room to new heights through our end-to-end cultivation solutions.

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