The Seven Most Popular Video Series on Drying and Curing Cannabis

As grower Peter Gardener said, “Drying and curing is the most challenging part of the entire process. It could literally make or break the quality of the end product.” Here is a list of the most popular YouTube videos on drying and curing cannabis, links to the videos, and the names of their sponsors. Each video supplies a slightly different view of the process and is valuable for both commercial and at-home growers.

Top-Rated Videos on Cannabis Drying and Curing

We recommend watching the following segments and video series to expand your knowledge of the drying and curing process for cannabis.

  1. Commercial Cannabis Harvest: How to Dry Your Cannabis: This is part of a series of videos on the drying and curing process by Growers Network.
  2. Pro Tips for Proper Drying and Curing: This is a short segment by High Times.
  3. Drying and Trimming Your Cannabis: This is a series of 7 videos by Urban Remo.
  4. Drying and Curing Cannabis for Beginners: This 10-minute video by Mr. Canucks Grows explains the drying and curing process for beginners.
  5. Drying, Curing Cannabis Plants Guide – CHEAP & EASY Best Practices: This video by Lex Blaze takes a quick look at easy drying and curing practices.
  6. Drying Big Buds – Marijuana Growing Tips by Jorge Cervantes: This is a quick watch by Jorge Cervantes.
  7. How to Slow Down or Speed up Your Dry Time Without Technology: This is a 10-minute segment by Weed Schooling.

Get Exclusive Access to Our Cannabis Drying Room Video

Recently, Lift and Grow hosted a webinar to discuss common cannabis drying and curing issues and how to solve them. We also went over the results of a survey completed by growers on the issues they face in their drying room issues. View a recording of the video and review survey results by clicking here.

For more information on drying and curing cannabis, contact Lift and Grow.

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