3 Commercial Cannabis Greenhouse Systems Worth the Investment

As a greenhouse grower, you have many responsibilities to juggle while running and expanding your grow room operation. Reducing your energy costs, maintaining a quality product, maximizing profits, and increasing yields all factor into your business’s success. Yet, each of these goals can become harder to achieve the larger your operation becomes. Choosing the right equipment, however, can make a world of difference. Consider investing in the following types of commercial cannabis greenhouse systems as recommended by Lift and Grow.

3 Must-Have Commercial Cannabis Greenhouse Systems

In today’s competitive, multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, greenhouse cannabis growers have several equipment options to consider adding to their grow operation. The hard part comes down to deciding which ones are worth the investment. To make your job easier, we’ve outlined the essentials every greenhouse grower should have. 

Environmental Control Systems

Maintaining adequate airflow, moisture, climate, and humidity levels are necessary for proper plant growth. With the right environmental control options in place, you can effectively manage and fine-tune these to meet your facility’s specific needs without additional labor. Many automated irrigation systems on today’s market can read your plants’ moisture content, pH levels, and electrical conductivity (EC) values. Being able to keep track and see how these levels fluctuate throughout the day is key to growing your indoor cannabis operation.

Storage and Security Systems

Cannabis crops hold a lot of value, even before the drying and distribution stage. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to include added security measures in your greenhouse. After your crops are finished growing, consider storing them in a secure vault to keep them away from unauthorized personnel. Overhead security cages are a great option if you’re looking to preserve limited floor space and have space to bolt them to the ceiling. 

Grow Light Lifts

Since many commercial greenhouse growers rely on the natural sunlight to fuel their plants, supplemental lighting is often overlooked. However, adding grow lights into your greenhouse can significantly improve yield rates year-round. More often than not, greenhouse cannabis plants suffer from light deprivation in the colder months. By evenly distributing light across your canopy, grow lights ensure your whole crop is being tended for, including dead zone areas that are often missed under limited sunlight in the winter.  

When searching for a high-quality lighting system, you’ll find that each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your greenhouse operation size, your plants’ positioning, and the space in-between your canopy, one may work better for you than another.

Lift and Grow’s Standard Lift can be up to 104 feet long and works in greenhouses with a 20-foot or shorter ceiling. These heavy-duty lifts can be retrofitted to lift any grow light system, and only require one motor to control the whole row of lights. With the Standard Lift, you can easily adjust your lights’ height over the canopy in increments as small as 1 millimeter with the push of a button. With a maximum lift capacity of 450 pounds, you’ll save money and time while improving your yields. Take a look at one of our Standard Lifts in the video below.

Finding the right commercial cannabis systems for your greenhouse can be challenging. Save time and the money when you work with the experts at Lift and Grow. Our patent-pending machines have helped growers expand their operations and increase yield rates by keeping lights at the perfect distance at all times. Lifts can be tailored to fit a variety of greenhouse designs with cost-effective coverage. Contact us today to request a quote

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