6 Ways to Improve Grow Room Security

If you’ve cashed in on the growing cannabis industry, you’re likely well aware of the many challenges associated with running a flourishing marijuana business. For cultivators, one constant challenge is maintaining a secure grow room. In this article, we highlight six ways to strengthen your grow room security systems.

How to Prevent Theft in Your Cannabis Grow Room

Cannabis is a valuable cash crop, and as a cultivator, you likely have a large volume of high-value product on your hands. To a thief, your marijuana grow room may look like payday. Luckily, as the industry grows, so does our understanding of best practices to protect your cannabis growing operation.

  1. Make Sure Your Security Cameras are Compliant

    Installing security cameras to watch over your grow operation is not only common sense, but it’s also necessary to stay compliant. Of course, different states have different requirements, ranging from the amount of time you store video to a minimum resolution for cameras.

  2. Address the Full Space

    Ensure that your cameras can see the entire operation and that they aren’t blocked by equipment, grow lights, or plants in the grow area. Ultimately, the placement of your cameras is more important than the sheer quantity in the space.

  3. Use Early and Continuous Detection

    Having a system in place that notifies multiple people in real-time is critical to keep criminals from breaking in. Any unexpected activity should be noted, regardless of the time of day. After all, it only takes one deceitful employee to compromise your security.

  4. Hire a Professional Security Company

    Of course, if you’re just starting a cannabis business, it’s challenging to make sense of what security measures you need. Working with a company that has experience with your state requirements and local laws can ensure you’re compliant, as well as leave you with room to grow your operation. Plus, they’ll be able to steer you towards the right options for you in selecting security cameras, night vision, motion sensors, and more.

  5. Protect Your Assets

    Consider how you’re storing both your cannabis plants and product. Some cultivators opt to keep the finished product in a safe that’s bolted to the floor. Alternatively, you can utilize lifts and security cages to store product and protect plants above you. Taking advantage of your facility’s underutilized overhead space maximizes your floor space and provides an extra layer of security.

  6. Empower Your Employees

    While most security measures focus on keeping people out, internal theft is an unfortunate reality in the cannabis industry. Keep protocols in place that make it clear who has access to what. That way, if anything goes awry, you can quickly identify how the incident occurred. Additionally, consider offering an anonymous method for employees to alert you if they suspect theft.

As demand for this prized cash crop continues to grow, cannabis cultivation operations have to address their security measures continuously. Take your grow room security to a new level and out of reach from criminals with Lift and Grow. Our overhead lifts offer an added layer of security that’s safe, reliable, and easy to use. With over 27 years of experience, we can manufacture our systems to fit any size or shape grow room. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you improve your grow room security!

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