Best Cannabis Storage for Commercial Use

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you needed for storing cannabis flower was a stash jar with an airtight seal?

Instead, your commercial facility needs a storage system to keep your plants safe, secure, and out of harm’s way. Better yet, you need a solution that optimizes the space of your existing facility, as remodels are costly and time-consuming.

The cannabis industry is growing immensely, and with that comes new and innovative solutions for growers, farmers, and distributors alike. Let’s take a look at one of the best cannabis storage for commercial use that is on the market today.

Best Storage for Cannabis in a Commercial Facility

Recognizing a need for greater security and space-saving solutions within commercial facilities, Lift and Grow set out to create a storage system that addresses the challenges cannabis growers and distributors face. For nearly 30 years, we’ve automated overhead lifts, fine-tuned safety features, and maximized load capacity, setting the gold standard for overhead cannabis storage.

How Does an Overhead Cannabis Storage System Work?

One of the biggest draws to storing cannabis with an overhead lift is that it does not require you to expand or reconfigure your current space. Instead, it mounts directly to your ceiling and can even make use of existing shelving, which is especially helpful if your current set-up is designed to preserve terpene and cannabinoid contents.

You may have never thought of it like this before, but you already pay for your ceiling space – and it’s likely going unused. A commercial cannabis lift can transform this open area into an unparalleled secure storage unit.

Once the storage lift is mounted, our team attaches a security cage that holds your products. They can hold up to 3,000 pounds of product and be as large as 13 feet by 6 feet. Everyone’s grow facility is different, so our team works hard to retrofit a solution tailored to your unique space.

Lastly, we integrate your lift with a motor that will transport the storage system from the ground level to its overhead destination. Through the push of a button, your employees can retrieve products in a matter of moments and then move the cannabis security system back overhead. They won’t have to climb any ladders, which keeps them from potentially dangerous situations in the workplace. In addition, it better protects your products from potential theft or accidental damage and streamlines inventory checks as you can see where everything is.

Are Overhead Cannabis Lifts Safe?

Lift and Grow’s overhead lifts protect not only your employees but also your plant material. Each overhead unit is equipped with four key safety features.

1. Momentary Switches
Your overhead lift will only run when an operator is engaged with it. If they release the switch, the machine will lock in place, preventing any accidental damage.

2. Upper Limit Switches
An overwinding machine can be a costly and challenging fix. This is why all Lift and Grow machines have a double-fail safe upper limit.

3. Lifting Cables
Our lifting cables are made from high-quality aircraft-grade steel and have a melting point of over 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Payload Capacity
Lift and Grow machines support up to 800 pounds of active load per eight feet. Your overhead cannabis lift can hold between 1,000 to 3,000 pounds.

As you can see, storage systems for businesses are a bit complex – unfortunately, commercial weed storage requires much more than just an airtight mason jar!

Instead, you need a storage solution that is robust, durable, and customized to your unique needs. You need an overhead Lift and Grow system! Contact our team to learn more about our storage options or to request an estimate for your growing facility!

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