Is Your Cannabis Grow Light System Costing You Money?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, new challenges emerge to compete in the market. Consumer expectations are rising, and commercial growers have to manage both additional regulatory responsibilities and product quality. For indoor cannabis grow operations, marijuana grow lights pose a potentially expensive set of challenges. To help you optimize your yield, Lift and Grow unpacks common mistakes in cannabis grow light system.

3 Cannabis Grow Light System Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

While outdoor and greenhouse growers have the sun as a light source, indoor growers have to meet their marijuana plants’ needs with artificial lighting. There are several different types of grow lights and various opinions on what the best grow lights are. Growers have numerous decisions to make, from wattage to lighting systems and more, but these are a few of the common problems we see costing growers money.

  1. Inefficient Grow Lights

    The debate is still ongoing between proponents of high pressure sodium (HPS) lights and those that prefer light emitting diodes (LED). While HPS grow lights were the standard for early indoor growing operations, they tend to generate a lot of heat and be less energy efficient than LED grow lights.

    Of course, these aren’t the only types of grow lights on the market. Some prefer high intensity discharge (HID) lighting options like metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. The light spectrums vary between HPS and MH lights, but both tend to use a high amount of energy, resulting in higher operating costs.

  2. Significant Heat Outputs

    If you are using lights that generate a lot of heat, you need to plan to get it out of your grow room before your cannabis plants experience heat stress. Exhaust fans of a high-quality HVAC system can push the heat out of your grow space. However, you end up spending more money both on the energy expended from the lights and on the systems that get that extra energy and heat out.

  3. Improper Distance from the Light Source

    If you haven’t determined the optimal distance between your plant canopy and your light source, you’re likely costing yourself money. Having your lights in the right place for both the vegetative stage and the flowering stage is crucial to maximizing your yield. And, if you’re not, then the amount of light you’re paying for likely isn’t the amount of light your plants need.

    The most effective way to remedy this issue is by raising your lights throughout the cannabis growing process to fill the plant canopy better. However, this can be both a time-consuming and potentially dangerous activity for your employees.

Lift and Grow’s adjustable overhead grow lights can help. Machine precision lets you move your grow lights, ventilation, and heating systems as little as one millimeter at a time. You can rest assured that your plants get the optimal light they need for photosynthesis. This means more efficient use of light for better yield and bud production. Plus, you save even more by cutting down labor costs from manually moving lights, exhaust fans, and more.

Whether you’re a small craft grower or running a large, commercial business, our light lifts can take your indoor growing to new levels. Order an adjustable light lift today to transform a smaller or home-based cannabis operation.

Looking for something tailored to fit the square feet in your grow room? Learn more about how an investment in Lift and Grow’s parent-pending lifts can save you money and help you create a better, more consistent product? Get in touch today to learn more about how our experienced team can help you integrate your grow systems with our lifts.

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