Long-Term Cannabis Storage Options for Business

The best way to store marijuana in a commercial facility accounts for a few things. First, it should be kept in a space that will preserve your cannabinoid and terpene content. Direct sunlight, mildew, room temperature, and humidity levels can all create unfavorable growing conditions. Next, it should be easily accessible — to the right personnel only. Finally, it should be adaptable. The industry is growing, so you’ll want a scalable long-term cannabis storage option.

Below we’ll discuss a few products that check off all these boxes, and then some. Keep reading to learn about where you should store weed after the drying and curing process.

How the Best Cannabis Companies Store Cannabis Long-Term

Limited space is a concern for many commercial growers, distributors, and dispensary owners. Remodels are costly and can take up a lot of time.

If you share similar struggles, we may have the answer for you: an overhead cannabis storage system. Two parts comprise this system:

  1. A security cage that can be as large as 13 feet by 6 feet (or, you can make use of existing shelving and skip to the next part!)
  2. An overhead lift that is motor-operated and can lift your cage off of ground level up towards the ceiling space

Benefits of An Overhead Cannabis Storage System

Backed by many key safety features, unique functionality, and a seamless motorized operation, overhead cannabis storage is the way of the future for commercial cannabis companies. Lift and Grow breaks down its popular long-term storage system.

Easy Integration with Existing Space
We understand that space is valuable for cannabis and hemp growers and distributors. So, we created a system that can be easily integrated within your space, not one that requires additional expansion. Our lift and security cage move products to your most underutilized space — your ceiling. Their overhead placement keeps your cannabis product away from damage and other liabilities found at the ground level. This placement can also extend its shelf life and protect your plant from high temperatures and moldy conditions.

Cage Lift Security Features
Its lifting cables are made from aircraft-grade steel, which can support up to two thousand pounds. Momentary switches require the operator to be engaged with the machine, or else it will lock in place. Its upper limit switches that prevent overwinding and high payload capacity are a few more advanced safety features that keep your plants and employees safe.

Ease of Use
You and other authorized employees can lift and bring down your cannabis flower to and from ground level through the push of a button. Your plant material will stay protected, and your staff will enjoy how easy it is to use the lift.

Fast System Installation
Time is money, so the Lift and Grow team works quickly to implement your cannabis storage system. You’ll enjoy little to no downtime. Plus, our team is there to assist you in all steps of the process, from consultation to post-installation maintenance.

Is your team ready to take its operations to new heights? A Lift and Grow overhead cannabis storage container and lift is the best way to secure your plants when not in use. Request a free quote to see how our storage methods can make a difference in your facility.

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